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There are more than 30 hotsprings in the Pamir. But not all of them are visitable. The most famous hotsprings are Garmchasma, Bibi Fotima & Jelondi hotspring. You’ll find the location on the map. There are more public hotsprings in the Pamir. We don’t list them on the website, because the hygiene standards are low. Of course, we can provide information about all hotsprings, just contact us! In general, we recommend a maximum stay of 10-15 minutes in the hot springs. It is not advised for people with high blood pressure.

Botanical Garden

Stupa in Vrang

Yamchun foretress

Kakh Kaha foretress

Ismaili Center & Jamarthkana


Botanical Garden

Visit the second highest botanical garden (2300m) worldwide. You will find over 2300 different plant species. Stroll through the park, enjoy the fresh scent of the flowers and the beautiful view over Khorog.

Opening hours are from 8 am till 5 pm and the entrance fee is 15 Somoni.

Botanical Garden

View above Chorugh

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